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Made Differently - Smartwater


Smartwater seeks its core inspiration from nature. It mimics the clouds, known for creating the purest form of water. Well this is what happens in nature. Water evaporates into vapour. Vapour leaves impurities behind. Vapour is then condensed back to pure water and the cycle continues.

Manufactured and sold by HCCB, the process of making Smartwater draws from the hydrologic cycle. It is the distilling technique used to achieve the final product that sets Smartwater apart from just any water. Added electrolytes - potassium, calcium and magnesium - give it a distinctive clean, pure, crisp taste.

Another important aspect of Smartwater is its pH value, which ranges between 6.3 and 7.3. This makes the water neutral.

The sleek packaging of Smartwater combined with its goodness, makes the product a perfect lifestyle accessory for stylish and smart thinkers.

HCCB started manufacturing Smartwater in 2017 at its factory in Bidadi, near Bangalore, Karnataka. HCCB also manufactures two other brands of packaged water - Bonaqua and Kinley.


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