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Water Stewardship

We consume only 0.023% of total water consumed by all industries in India. As a responsible user of water, our approach to water stewardship transcends our operations and extends to all communities. Our water stewardship programmes are based on the principle of Reduce, Reuse / Recycle and Replenish.


We invest in best-in-class technology and optimise water usage in our manufacturing processes through recoveries, secondary use of water by stream segregation, and other water reduction interventions. Result: Our water use ratio (water consumed per litre of beverage produced) of our operations has improved over the years signalling that our operations are continuously becoming water efficient.


Our factories (all of which are equipped with effluent treatment plants) recycle and reuse water to the extent possible in secondary applications like boiler make-up, cooling towers, gardening, toilet flushing and floor clearing. Rest of the water is returned to nature at a level that supports aquatic life. Result: Our factories treat 100% of the waste water.


We have till date undertaken more than 300 water replenishment projects in collaboration with NGOs, local authorities and communities. These include construction of check dams, desilting and restoration of ponds and natural water bodies, rainwater harvesting, and building bunds and conservation tanks among others.
Result: 110% water replenishment potential created as compared to the total water used in our factories.

Some of our key water stewardship programmes include:

  1. Integrated Watershed Management Project in Betul, Madhya Pradesh addressing the region’s water scarcity and high soil erosion problems
  2. Construction of farm bunds, check dams and repair of percolation tanks in Nashik District, Maharashtra
  3. Groundwater recharge projects in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra
  4. Rainwater harvesting projects in UP, Punjab, West Bengal, AP
  5. Pond rejuvenation projects in UP and NCR


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