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World Nature Conservation Day, A Continued Commitment

With our green initiatives, we seek to celebrate conservation day, every day.

World Nature Conservation Day | HCCB

There is no time like the present. This adage could not ring more true when applicable to our ongoing efforts towards resource conservation and environment awareness. 

Not only should we stress upon the need to preserve nature, but also actively advocate to conserve our resources and save nature. 

This World Nature Conservation Day, on the 28th of July, HCCB celebrates the conservation practices that are so deep-rooted in our culture as a company. HCCB’s intention to conserve and preserve is evident through each and every initiative undertaken and seen through to fruition.

Let us take a look at the various conservation practices that not only celebrate world nature conservation day, but also express our deep commitment and philosophy towards all things nature.


Relocation of the trees at Khordha, Odisha

One of our largest factories in Khordha is home to more than 13,000 trees. An impending manufacturing plant expansion required us to cut down 188 of these trees and plant replacements. Despite receiving permission from the authorities, our team could not bear to have the trees chopped down and chose the tougher alternative, relocating the trees to another area within the premises.

A patch of vacant land was identified, prepared for plantation by levelling and excavating to accommodate the tree roots. Trained gardeners were asked to trim the branches of bigger trees to facilitate the shift. The entire exercise was completed in the monsoon for the trees to thrive, not just survive. 

Today, the tree count is more than 13,000, yet the 188 trees are the ones that grabbed the limelight. All thanks to the very kind team at the Khorda factory.

Pond rejuvenation in Khaspur, Uttar Pradesh


In Khaspur, a village under the Meerut district of UP, a 700 year old pond was revived by the collective efforts of HCCB, the Janhit Foundation NGO and the Charities Aid Foundation. In a bid towards maximising the village water supply, the pond was dug up and revitalised. The Janhit Foundation specialises in rainwater harvesting and they ensured the removal of the hyacinths to ensure the base was clean.

The pond has also been attracting various kinds of birds in and around the area, thus contributing towards a balanced ecological environment.  It is also being used for pisciculture to raise funds for the maintenance of the water body.

Wielding clean energy

HCCB places special emphasis on the use of green energy in its operational processes. 50 percent of our energy requirements are met through renewable and clean energy sources.  This has enabled us to offset 46,500 tonnes of carbon emissions every year. The consolidated impact of using 50% renewable energy is the equivalent to a reduction in global warming achieved by 35 lakh trees each year. We have plans to reduce our carbon emissions by 25% by the year 2030, and currently, 8 out of our 15 factories utilise nearly 50% of energy from renewable sources.

The concentrated solar thermal heating system at HCCB Nemam, in Chennai, is one example of how the transition to utilising renewable energy sources is being carried out and is paving the road for clean energy. Select plant locations have also implemented a cutting-edge, renewable energy substitute for electrical illumination as part of HCCB's continued innovation. A few of other innovations include, converting from the use of a furnace oil boiler to PNG (piped natural gas) and the use of briquettes, made out of agricultural waste like coconut shells and groundnuts. Solar panels have been installed for on-site power generation, and have progressively replaced traditional bulbs and light sources with LED lights in the factories.

A continued commitment

We still have a long way to go on our journey toward conserving our planet's natural resources, the vast amount of resources that we are blessed with will definitely not last forever. The way forward starts with a few simple mantras, save water, save earth and save nature. By integrating these into our daily routines, we can truly congregate as one to make a difference. 

To discover more about our ongoing efforts for resource conservation and raising environment awareness, visit:


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