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Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders

As we celebrate the International Youth Day, here’s a look back at our recently renewed partnership with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) to upskill an additional 10,000 college students by 2023-24

International youth day | HCCB

Every year, on August 12th, International Youth Day presents a unique opportunity for the world to appreciate the potential and transformative power of the younger generation. At HCCB, we take this day as an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to youth empowerment by cementing greater avenues for their growth and development through our programs.

As we mark this International Youth Day, we reflect on our mission of empowering underserved youth and future leaders through skill development. In line with this mission, we have recently renewed our MoU with the Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Telangana, to upskill an additional 10,000 college students by 2023-24. Earlier, HCCB and the Govt of Telangana, together trained a total of 10196 students in the state to date in the first year of their partnership in 2022. 

The importance of skill development in the modern world

While education lays the foundation for individual growth and societal progress, skill training plays an equally vital role in equipping young professionals to be industry ready. Together they foster a well-rounded perspective in youth, stimulating not only academic understanding but also practical expertise in youth.  

Driven by numerous advancements in technology and innovation, the current job market is increasingly dynamic. To thrive in this environment necessitates constant skill enhancement and adaptability. Our collaboration with the Telangana Government reinforces this exact vision of empowering youth to the challenges of the ever-changing market head-on. 


Bridging the gap with TASK

As a not-for-profit entity, the Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) was established by the Government of Telangana to foster collaborative synergy between government organisations, industry partners, and academic institutions.

Aligned with our comprehensive vision for youth empowerment, we've partnered with TASK to extend our support further. This collaboration reflects our mutual mission to bolster the potential of the younger generations. We aim to make the financial and digital education of these students even better by working with manpower resourcing companies. This effort will help improve the programs at the Career Development Centre (CDC), an HCCB-operated skill centre, to better meet students' needs.

As part of the initiative, we also give joint certification to the students that complete their training from CDC centres operated by HCCB in partnership with the NIIT foundation. By combining our efforts, we've developed programs that concentrate on experiential learning and academic development, equipping the youth with the necessary skills. This preparation is crucial to empower them to adapt and flourish within the ever-evolving job market.

Taking the youth from campus to corporate

This program also known as the Campus to Corporate program, follows a two-pronged approach.

1). Developing content and training

At HCCB, we help grow our network of skilled trainers for the youth by conducting a 'Train the Trainers' program (TTT). Using our industry knowledge and experience, we create targeted training content for the youth. This material is taught through a combination of online and in-person classroom sessions to maximise learning effectiveness

2). Identifying students and locations

The Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) partners with us to organise student groups, pinpoint physical classroom locations, and schedule training sessions. This collaboration streamlines the process, making it easier to coordinate and implement the sessions.

 International youth day 2023 | HCCB

The road ahead

As a leading beverage manufacturer, our partnership with the Telangana government has been a key driver in the success of this initiative. However, we see this as a promising beginning, having already trained over 10,000 students in the first year alone and helping local youth develop skills for better job opportunities.

On International Youth Day, we celebrate the journey so far and the path ahead. Every step we take isn't simply nearing a milestone; it's creating a pathway towards a future filled with possibilities and opportunities. Our collaboration with the Telangana government to positively impact youth skill development reaffirms our dedication towards a stronger tomorrow for our youth.


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