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Office Life HCCB Style

Office Life HCCB Style

An open workspace can be a powerful environment for people to work in. People can break free from cubicles that force them to work in silos and interact with colleagues easier.Open space also means that everyone, including managers, work on the same floor. This has a positive impact on the work culture - everyone is approachable. The idea of collaborating in an open office environment sparks better ideas and can be plenty of fun too.

For HCCB, work culture has always been a key focus. The company sincerely believes that a happy workplace fosters productivity, efficiency, and fun at the workplace. The ethos is aptly reflected in the way its workspaces are designed for its employees.

Building on its commitment to create vibrancy at workplace, the company first implemented the concept of open officein the Mumbai Sales Office and then in Ahmedabad. Linear workstations, ergonomic seating, and the open office design at these offices give employees space to work and interact with each other. The Ahmedabad open office also includes several other features like a locker facility, training centre, meeting centre, and even a gym.

And this is not all. In an experimental approach, HCCB set up their sales team in a co-working space in Pune. While it’s traditionally expected for a company of HCCB’s size to operate its own office spaces, HCCB is attempting to give their employees an outlook into the flexible workspace environment.

“This is our first shot at having our sales team work out of a co-working space”, said Christina Ruggiero, CEO of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages. “Albeit small in terms of the set-up, it’s a new way of looking at things for a conventional FMCG company like us. If all works well and our employees feel good, we would explore for similar set-ups but at this time we are flexible about things. As a culture, we are pretty much an open office culture, but as a concept, this is our first from a co-inhabited space.”

Not to be left out, the new sales office in Jaipur, the Pink City, has also incorporated an open work design. Free flowing and collaborative workspaces are key elements in the office layout. It encourages people to work together and come up with better solutions. In addition to that, the team has access to many facilities like a gym, swimming pool, and a common cafeteria. In response to the new office, a team member said with enthusiasm, “This is our new home!”.

This is just the beginning for HCCB. Enhancing the work culture for their employees has always been a priority. The inclusion of open office workspaces will grow and branch out to the other HCCB offices across India.


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