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Embracing Sustainable Manufacturing with Advanced Solid Waste Management Techniques

Reimagining solid waste handling for a cleaner, greener industrial future

Solid Waste Management | HCCB

At HCCB, we continually take strides towards crafting a more sustainable future for our planet. Recognising the pivotal role of responsible waste management in minimising environmental impacts, we have incorporated comprehensive solid waste management into our manufacturing practices. This initiative is part of our larger commitment to sustainable developments, where we take decisive action towards safeguarding the environment and fostering a sustainable future.

Addressing the challenge

For manufacturing businesses, dealing with by-products can prove to be quite a challenge. One such byproduct that HCCB frequently confronts is 'sludge'. This semi-solid residue comes from operations of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), and Water Treatment Plants (WTP). However, through innovative approaches, we have managed this situation resourcefully.

solid waste treatment | HCCB

Implementing the solution 

Pursuing an efficient and sustainable solid waste management solution, we implemented the Paddle Dryer Solid Waste Management System, a tool for managing sludge. This system helps us manage the solid waste produced in our plants by converting it into a form that can be reused. The process includes reducing the water content in the sludge (a semi-solid waste) to only 15%, which results in a 40% reduction in its volume. the moisture content of sludge to just 15%, resulting in a 40% reduction in volume. This solid waste treatment not only cuts down the total waste but also enables us to bring it into beneficial use, for example by combining it with briquettes (a type of compressed fuel).

solid waste management techniques | HCCB

What is the paddle dryer mechanism?

The Paddle Dryer System is specifically designed and developed to treat various pastes such as ETP/STP biological/chemical sludge, spent carbon, and WTP sludge.

It uses indirect heating, meaning that instead of applying heat directly to the sludge, heat is transferred through the paddles. The system is made up of two rotating shafts with opposite rotation directions. Each shaft is equipped with wedge-shaped paddles that help mix, disperse and dry the sludge as they move.

As the paddles rotate and counter-rotate, they consistently mix and spread the sludge across the heat transfer surfaces, enabling an effective drying process. Apart from this, the continuous movement of the paddles also keeps the system clean, making it a low-maintenance choice. This well-thought-out design is efficient and compact, saving both energy and space.

A successful implementation

The pilot implementation of the Paddle Dryer System took place at our Vijayawada factory, with highly successful results. This success highlights the effectiveness of the system and reinforces our commitment and capability to innovate. Encouraged by the success of the Vijayawada factory implementation, we have planned for the subsequent rollout at our other factories. The existing sludge monetisation agreement at the Wada factory sets a strong base for a promising future, reflecting our dedication to sustainable innovations.

Towards a sustainable future 

As the world moves towards a more sustainability-conscious future, we strive to contribute meaningful solutions. The practical application of systems like the Paddle Dryer Solid Waste Management reflects our commitment to minimising environmental impact. Employing such systems is a step on our journey towards better environmental practices, serving as an opportunity for others in the industry to explore similar paths towards a greener tomorrow.


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