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Sustainability in Action at HCCB

Through credible partnerships with NGOs, governments, and local authorities, HCCB has been able to drive significant impact in its journey toward becoming a net-zero organization

HCCB's Sustainable Water Management Practices in Action

In our endeavour to manufacture India’s most loved beverages, we at HCCB also strive towards a sustainable and better-shared future. Much like the range of products that we manufacture for every occasion, we strive to cover every sustainable action that aligns with the larger purpose of refreshing the world and making a difference. 

Through our sustainability efforts, we are creating a troika of energy conservation, water stewardship, and plastic waste management, to ensure a positive environmental footprint.

From solar power to energy-efficient choices

 Today, 55% of all energy requirements at HCCB come from green and renewable sources. Of this, 70% comes from sustainable fuels such as biomass and natural gas boilers. In 2022, HCCB conserved 4.7MU electricity units and reduced the company's carbon emissions by 2%. In 2022, we adopted an additional 20 MM units of green energy, a 33% increase over the year before. This enabled us to lower carbon emissions by 14,625 MT. Solar (21%), wind (8%), solar rooftop (1%), and overall green power (30%) were the alternative energy sources utilized to ensure energy efficiency in manufacturing processes and reduce energy consumption.

Our latest addition to this effect is the solar power plant in the Goa factory with 1700 roof-mounted solar panels and 4 inverters. This initiative alone offsets 395 tons of CO2 emissions a year and powers 20% of the factory's total electricity consumption. 

Several on-site energy conservation initiatives, such as the installation of air compressors, microturbines, automated refrigerant management, and advanced motor technology for air handling units, contribute toward overall energy efficiency and our goal of reducing energy consumption . Our aim now is to increase this number to 65% by 2025.


 Circularity at play 


Circularity is at play for HCCB when it comes to plastic waste management. We work with authorized collection agencies, NGOs, waste collectors, and key account customers to recover PET waste which is then recycled by authorized processing agencies.

In 2022, HCCB collected 100% (166,500 MT) of the plastic utilised in its operations. This was made possible with the help of the safai saathis (predominantly women), several self-help groups, municipal cooperations and  city implementation partners coming together to achieve a common goal. 


Water Stewardship

HCCB’s water initiatives run at both the factory and the community levels. HCCB is amongst the first beverage manufacturers to become water positive at a national level. Our aim is to now go water positive at an aquifer level, even if most of the water that we consume is groundwater.

Through our partnerships with communities, government agencies, and NGOs, we have implemented around 80 water structures nationwide that have made meaningful impact on the ground


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