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A Look at the Digital Success Story of our Aranya factory

The factory is a prime example of digital transformation and innovation

Sustainable Plastic Management | Beverage Company |  HCCB

Our commitment to manufacturing excellence is reflected in our beverages which India loves. An important part of this excellence is our increased focus on digitization which helps us not only achieve better efficiency but also satisfied employees on the shop floor.

Among the factories that our leading the mantle for innovation and efficiency at HCCB, is our Aranya factory located in the Bidadi Industrial Area, Ramanagara, Karnataka. 

Our team at the Aranya factory has devised new and innovative ways to increase output, boost productivity, minimize defects, and ensure timely delivery.

Bottling brilliance: the transformative contribution of innovation -

As a beverage company that deals with numerous products, manufacturing can be a multifarious process consisting of several crucial but also complex procedures. Our factory at Aranya set out with a simple goal - to decrease complexity to establish consistency.

Ensuring consistency in PET plastic bottle manufacturing - 

To achieve the perfect shape, PET bottles must go through multiple tests, such as net content and blown bottle sectional weight monitoring. As PET bottle manufacturers, we ensure that these tests evaluate several aspects of the bottle, such as its stability, balance, thickness, and leak-proofing, which define its quality. Measuring the blown bottle's sectional weight is crucial in determining its quality. If the weight meets the necessary criteria, the bottle can be produced in large quantities, generating extensive data sets that require regular monitoring.

Limitations of the conventional process -

Previously, the net content process and the blown bottle sectional weight monitoring process followed across HCCB factory locations were heavily dependent on undigitized mechanisms. This conventional process followed for both procedures tends to pose several challenges, such as:

  • Lack of real-time information hindering swift action 

  • Dependency on personnel for data retrieval

  • Impact on yield and quality of the product (COPQ)

  • Stress cracks on the package as a consequence of not meeting the required criteria

  • Working extra hours due to data entry and transportation of samples


Benefits of embracing digital solutions -

To overcome the challenges presented by undigitized mechanisms, Team Aranya adopted a digital tool to streamline the net content and blown bottle sectional weight monitoring processes. This software, known as FreeWeigh.Net, ensures that every PET bottle containing beverages meets the required parameters.

The new digitized processes achieve an unprecedented amount of efficiency and consistency, increasing productivity and optimizing processes to aid data-driven decision-making. Here are a few of the perks presented by our adoption of these processes. 

  • A 0.1% decrease in filled rejection and an increase in concentrate yield

  • Saved 45mins/8-hour shift

  • Zero problems with data integrity

  • Elimination of paperwork and manual data entry

  • Instant data availability for troubleshooting

  • Enhancing quality by addressing stress cracks

  • Optimising net content and BBSW processes to safeguard the brand's image

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Reduction in COPQ levels


Setting a benchmark through digitalization -



The digital transformation of the factory’s net content and blown bottle sectional weight monitoring process has raised the bar for manufacturing excellence across HCCB. The success of team Aranya’s efforts as highlighted at our annual Kaizen conference has set the benchmark for our other factories to follow suit and optimize their potential.  

The future of manufacturing lies in embracing innovative solutions and staying ahead of the curve. The factory’s achievement is a testament to the power that lies in innovation. It serves as a beacon for the beverage manufacturing industry, showing the immense potential of digitization to transform manufacturing for the better.



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